Stationary production line

Manufacturer: PRESSAL

Model: SVP 500

Year of manufacture: 1996

Vibrolis Pressal SVP 500 built in 1996, core concrete and precast concrete, fully automatic, 15 KW. 20-30 sec. cycle time per board, corresponds to 86 m3 / h, 0.6 m3 / form. Working surface 1m x 0.7 m.

Base boards plastic 1100x720x55, 100 board
8-level lifting ladder, 8-level lowering ladder
Board return, circuit with board turner, L1 = 12m, L2 = 5m, 2 picking positions. Packing grapple for manual operation, pneumatics, for 1.2 sqm packages.
Stone splitter 1, gap width 500, hydraulic, manual operation
Fully automatic control of the circuit, computer visualization, with fault diagnosis, built in 2008, steel shelves chambers for 400 board, angle iron 50x50x5, welded
Forklift electric for transporting products to dryer.

Sternboxes for 4 box silos, each 150t capacity, dosing flaps, everything can be disassembled
Scraper system, 7.5 KW, 3-fold screw conveyor from cement silos to the balance.

Contalner office with control center.

Kübelbahn transport route to machine, L = 15m, 0.33 m3, hydraulic opening.

Moulds: paver Behaton 6 cm, paver Behaton 8cm, paver Behaton 10 cm, paver S 6 cm, slab 60x60x6


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