BELT VS-125 H - Complete production line

Manufacturer: BELT

Model: VS-125 H

1 Sand scraper
2 Rough concrete mixer
3 Fine layer mixer
4 Concrete conveyor belt
5 Vibratory press machine
6 Electro-hydraulic forklift for extracting finished products
7 Pavers stacking racks: 17 pieces
8 Wooden pallets for finished products approx. 350 pieces
9 Molds:
I. concrete block 12,
II. concrete block 15,
III. concrete block 20,
IV. concrete block 25,
V. hollow concrete block 20,
VI. curb 6 cm
VII. curb 10 cm
VIII. paver rhombus,
IX. paver H,
X. hexagonal paving stone,
XI. paver 10x10,
XII. paving stone 20x10,
XIII. paver 20x20,
XIV. grass plate


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